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Is There A New Retirement Home In Your Future?
Mexico Real Estate Available Now!

Retire to Mexico in Style!


Is there a new retirement home in your future? Retire in Style to Mexico. Looking for a quiet community away from the tourist areas? Well Chetumal and Calderitas are great places to buy or rent real estate. Looking for a little more beach excitement? Try Mérida, Mahahual, Playa Del Carmen, or Tulum.

Why Mexico you ask?
You can drive to Mexico in a car...and Mexico is a bargain compared to the U.S.A. and Canada.

Chetumal is a modern city with great highways, beautiful boulevards and an infrastructure that many parts of Central American does not have. This is very important determining factor for the retiree who wants to be connected to a telephone, Internet, electricity, TV, etc... and doesn't want to be inconvinced by inconvinces.

The shopping here is plentiful. We have the Belize Duty Free Zone (No Taxes). A modern Mall with a Food Court (McDonalds, Dominos, Italian Steakhouse, Italian Coffee Shop,...) Movie Theater, Computer Stores, Shoe Stores, Kodak Store, Kiosks, Radio Shack, Chedraui, Liverpool. Out of the Mall we have Sam's Club, Wal-Mart Bodega, furniture makers, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and such low prices you can't believe it. McDonald's, Burger King, Italian Coffee Shop, Subway, Dominos Pizza are here too. I could go on and on but the best thing about living here in Calderitas is that my husband and I can live here on the same life style we had in Florida before he retired on our Social Security of $999.00 U.S. With my Social Security we can travel and do extra things.

For retirees who love to socialize, there is no better place in the world to make friends. People who don't work have more time to party. You find yourself thrown into a world where you must cooperate and share information with other ex-pats in order to survive. If you can adjust to the mañana attitude there is a less stress. Mañana does not necessarily mean tomorrow, it just means not today. Everything will eventually get done and with far less frustration. It means that don't worry just go to the Bahia Blvd., sit on a bench, have a cool drink, people watch, listen to the Mexican Guitarist play beautiful Spanish music. You will see old friends and new ones who will sit with you for a chat because they are there doing the same thing you are - enjoying life....

A few things that you will find here in the state of Quintana Roo the Capitol is a beautiful climate, affordable luxuries, assisted living facilities excellent and inexpensive. Doctors cost $3 U.S. per visit. Our Simi Pharmacy has 70% off Prescription Drugs. We have excellent hospitals and clinics. We have a healthier environment, holidays celebrated Mexico style, and there is never a dull moment.


Click on any of the pictures below to see more pictures of the Chetumal Bay Area of Mexico. Chetumal and Caldaritas, Quintana Roo, Mexico is located just a few miles from Corozal, Belize, Central America.

swiming on beach
Swimming on the Beach

beach cabana on bay
Beach Cabana

Beach Sketch
Beach Sketch


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