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Buying Real Estate in Mexico is now easier than ever!

You would be amazed if we told you all Mexico has to offer.

From a laid-back, down-to-earth lifestyle to luxury resort-style mansion living. We would like to present you with a chance to gain direct access to Mexico's most timely and attractive lifestyle opportunities.

Living in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, enjoying the best climate we have ever experienced traveling around this magnificent area searching out the best deals and opportunities possible for people who dream about living La Vida Mexico for themselves. It is a wonderful dream that you can make come true for yourself. In today's competitive real estate market, timing is everything. Many good homes are sold before they are ever advertised. Beat other homebuyers to the hottest new homes for sale in Chetumal.

Our goal is to find you the type of place you are looking for. Not all properties are listed in the paper or anywhere else. By providing us with information to determine the type of dwelling, number of bedrooms, price range and areas you desire we will find the type of home you are looking for. We work for you the buyer. We take you thru all the steps in completing your property deal. We are bilingual, resulting in the BEST DEALS. We respond to internet inquiries promptly. Remember we work for you!

Can foreigners own property in Mexico?
Yes, foreigners can own real estate in Mexico.
What is the Restricted Zone?
The belt of 100 km along the border or 50 km along the coast is known as the Restricted Zone. Foreigners CAN acquire beachfront property here through a trust or a Mexican Corporation.

What is a Fidelcomisio?

A Fidelcomisio is a trust acquired through a bank to obtain rights over a certain property.

What legal rights do I have over the property through a Fidelcomisio?

You have all the legal rights that normal ownership gives you. You may sell the property, modify it, transfer it, build on it, lease it, mortgage it, ect...

What is the cost of the Fidelcomisio?

The bank charges an initial fee for the preliminary studies and drawing up the agreement. This varies from bank to bank, but it is approximately $2,000.00 USD. Then there is a yearly fee, which is a percentage of the property value for the services as a trustee.

Can a foreigner own a business in Mexico?

As a foreigner, you may own a Mexican Corporation, who in turn will own the business and property.

How much are the closing costs?

The closing costs vary depending on the value of the property, but they are usually between 5 to 7% of the property value.

Who pays for the closing costs?

The buyer pays the closing costs. The seller normally pays for the capital gains tax.

Who registers the title?

A Notary Public, who is a government appointed lawyer that acts on its behalf to insure the proper transfer of the property and who registers the title.

Can we get Title Insurance in Mexico?

Yes, we have a title company based in Texas
that does Title Insurance in Quintana Roo Mexico.

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